Hi, I'm Dave. Known to some as the most handsome guy in the world and to others as a privacy advocate, this is my personal site.

As someone who cares about privacy, I do not use any proprietary products or services from companies such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, or Apple. Instead, I only use open source software that respects user freedom. Therefore, this site is my main presence on the internet and primary means of contact.


The internet is broken. What was once a decentralized and federated network where we had the freedom to express our opinions, is now primarily owned by a very small handful of companies that push their own version of truth and fact. They choose what you see and censor anything they don't agree with, often pushing a very specific agenda. They decide what you are allowed to say on their platforms and will ban you the second you decide to think for yourself and express real opinions. The internet used to be comprised of small personal sites such as this one, run by individual people that had the right to speak their mind and not suffer from the extreme levels of censorship and thought police. This tiny site is my contribution to help fix the internet.


I primarily use OpenBSD whenever possible for personal laptops and servers. When not possible, I fall back to minimal GNU/Linux distributions that are not infected with systemd. These pictures show some of my current setup.


Operating Systems: OpenBSD, FreeBSD, Various GNU/Linux
Network Storage: 36TB Primary, 12TB Backup
Hypervisor: 16 Cores, 64GB RAM
Raspberry Pis: 12 total (10 pictured)


Operating System: OpenBSD
Interface: Bspwm / Lemonbar


Operating System: Void GNU/Linux (musl)
Interface: Spectrwm / Lemonbar


Living Room: Manjaro GNU/Linux (xfce)
Home Theater: Manjaro GNU/Linux (kde)
Home Gym: Devuan GNU/Linux (kde)